Tumbleweed Soul is an American Roots project based in the San Francisco North Bay, led by Adam Walsh and Stephanie Salva.  The pair have been rocking the West Coast music scene in various projects for over a decade, best known for their joint role in the beloved Sonoma County band the Jug Dealers.  In 2015 the pair branched out as a duet, exploring original material more intimately and honing their studio chops, while continuing to dive through the stacks for classic covers and undiscovered gems.  With powerful harmonies and eclectic songwriting that is both familiar yet fresh, their growing catalogue of original songs reflects their love of the deep city juke joints and country shacks where Americana was born.  Jazz, Blues, R&B, Country, Funk, Soul, and Old Timey Traditionals all find a home at a Tumbleweeds show.  Whether its an intimate coffee house, a wedding, or a packed club they have the ability to craft a show that is perfectly tailored to the crowd, often appearing as a trio or full band with drums, bass, horns, etc.  Look for them on the road this summer and call now to book the perfect complement to your event.  Booking Summer 2020 now!!